orc-siege is a little like battle-on, but cooler, and more gory.

for all the people who have read or watched the harry poter series, this game is a a lot like wizards chess. the only defference is, that its for real!

this games is a must try. world of legends
madness "anger" is a movie, where a stick figure looking person goes around killing every living thing in his path, its very gory though...so what are you reading this for play it, its fun!

madness "apotheosis" this movie gets better every time!

In divine intervention you get to be a blood thristy preist. How cool is that? In the game you get to walk around killing anything in your way.

p.s. here's a hint, if you go to options there are cheats!

who ever said bush couldn't aim. bush shoot-out

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